sdc Smart Data Communication -

our data communication makes data smart!

With more than 15 years of experience we make energy, environmental measurements and data communication smart by using the best network technologies directly integrated in our measuring and data collection systems.

Increasing digitization generates increasing amount of data. Keep your data smart by combining them to reveal the important information needed. Energy data do inform about energy consumption - smart energy data can also be utilized for production analysis.

This brings the focus onto the communication of devices and things to collect different data all in one database: time-synchronized and ready to use.

A powerful measuring network resource assures highest reliability and best data security. New radio standards like LoRaWAN® allow to realize this with minimum effort.

Our Energiedaten24.de is more than an energy management system. It is the complete coverage of energy measurement, networking, energy management and energy control with the latest technologies.

Innovative System for Controlling visitor flows: sdc Smart Guard

Our engineers have optimized optical sensors and IoT networking techniques to develop an innovative system for controlling visitor flows: the sdc Smart Guard. This is our contribution to making visitor flows as pleasant as possible for everyone despite corona restrictions.

Maximum Speed for Your Digitization

Powerful IoT Networks for Real Time Measurements


  • Get your real time measurements via powerful IoT networks
  • Independent IoT networks - easy to install ready to use
  • Application-dependent real time data transfer in a range of seconds, a quarter of an hour or individually


Maximum Security

Two Key-Security: Application and data transfer


  • Local and independent data network for your measurements
  • Highest data security: twice AES encryption of application and tansfer data
  • Maximum reliability with local data storage in case of network interruptions


Enjoy the Freedom of Digitization

Watch your data wherever you are


  • Evaluate your data on nearly any end device, smart phone or tablet
  • Data presence whenever and wherever you need it
  • No additional software or license costs required except a web browser
  • Receive messages of data monitor proactively


sdc Smart Data Systems
Smart Tools for Your Applications

sdc Smart Data systems can be integrated easily into IoT networks thanks to numerous interfaces. They are equipped with the latest LoRaWAN® wireless interfaces, which have been improved for industrial and private networks with the LoRaWAN-TED extension.

sdc Energy and Power Measurement
with smallest dimensions and easy installation.

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sdc Smart Water Meter Sensor
for nearly any dry AND wet water meters with high dynamic and high precision.

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sdc Smart Data Adapter
for wireless connection of a wide range of sensors.

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IoT Measurement Networks

with the latest LoRaWAN® wireless interfaces improved for industrial and private networks (LoRaWAN-TED) and MQTT, the standard messaging and data exchange protocol for IoT

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sdc Smart Guard
for automatic control of visitor flows.

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sdc Smart Data Coordinator
the heart of sdc Smart Data Systems.

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