sdc L-ION

L-ION: an Independent Own Long Range-Network

With more than 10 years of experience we make data communication smart by using the best network technologies directly integrated in our measuring and data collection systems.

A powerful measuring network independent from intranet and internet resources assures highest reliability and best data security. New radio standards like LoRa® allow to realize it with minimum effort.

We are proud to be the first, that integrate LoRa®- Long Range radio into an Independent Own Network: L-ION..

..proven in applications like energy management, digitization, Industry 4.0 and ready for Smart City projects.

Break Free with Your Independent Own LoRa® Network

L-ION is independent and does neither require interactions with a local area network (LAN) nor with the internet. L-ION provides maximum data security, since data are kept in an own, unshared data pool.

L-ION network

i.e. independence of existing network and internet resources

for intranet and internet infrastructure and hosting

independent, own network with your own, unshared data pool

Common LoRa® network

on network resources for internet access and on internet resources

for internet infrastructure and hosting

data are routed to commonly used servers

sdc Smart Data Systems for your L-ION application

Made in Germany

As soon as they are switched on, sdc Smart Data Systems build their L-ION network themselves. No IT-department is required for implementing or launching processes. All sdc-Smart-Data-Systems are equipped with a local WLAN hotspot that allows to connect easily with PC or mobile device. Data can be displayed with a common web browser: no additional software is needed.

sdc Smart Data Coordinator

The management and coordination point for L-ION end devices is the heart of sdc Smart Data Systems. The integrated Wi-Fi hotspot allows direct connection to mobile devices for data display.

sdc Smart Data Coordinator

sdc Smart Data Meter E

The sdc Smart Data Meter E measures power and energy in low-voltage three-phase systems. Up to four three-phase measurements can be included in one device.

sdc Smart Data Meter E

sdc Smart Data Adapter

The sdc Smart Data Adapter captures the signals from electrical, water and gas meters or from temperature, pressure, flow or compressed air sensors via standardized data interfaces.

sdc Smart Data Adapter