sdc Smart Data Coordinator

sdc Smart Data Coordinator

sdc Smart Data Coordinator is the heart of sdc Smart Data Systems. It is the central collection and coordination point of the data of sdc Smart Data Systems. Its reporter feature automatically creates and sends ready-to-use reports.

Your Benefit

  • Automatic data collection
  • Time-synchronization of all measurements
  • Key date accurate evaluation: automatic data transmission via email
  • Reporter function: no evaluation effort
  • 4G/LTE data transmission Internet/Cloud
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  Automatic data collection

The sdc Smart Data Coordinator is the central collection point of the measurement data from sdc Smart Data Meter and sdc Smart Data Adapter. It coordinates the L-ION of all sdc Smart Data Systems and ensures time-synchronization of all measurements.

In addition LAN- and WLAN-interfaces allow integration into existing networks. The integrated WLAN hotspot enables a direct connection to mobile devices for data display.

The collected measurement data can be sent automatically and key date-specific by sdc Smart Data Coordinator via email.

  Reporter function

The Reporter feature automatically creates ready-to-use Microsoft® Excel reports, e. g. for evaluations according to electricity and energy tax law. This minimizes the effort involved in measurement evaluation. The reports contain consumption values, load profiles and load peaks per measuring point.

  4G/LTE Modem

To increase the radio transmission range beyond L-ION sdc Smart Data Coordinator can be equipped with an integrated 4G/LTE modem.